earl visiting Mont St. Michel Brittany, France where he painted often


Earl Vincent Boley

Earl died unexpenctantly December 26, 2013.

He was an exceptional, sensitive, rarely quiet, simple man with strong opinions, an incredible work ethic and an open mind. Unique, original and willing to experiment, Earl believed art to be fun and always strived to improve.

Earl was extravagant and thrifty, thoughtful and selfish, generous and tough all at the same time: A compilation of opposites always living in the present. A true Renaissance man who walked the walk and had many talents. Earl was not afraid to get dirty, worked hard and always spoke his mind.

Unpretentious, dressed often in thin and worn work clothes, splattered with dirt from his garden and oil paint from his canvasses. Earl was an accomplished artist with 50 years of painting experience. Living simply.

In describing his life, Earl said, "I paint, travel, cook, garden, read, sculpt, but mostly live, learn & leith."

Photo below left, Earl has been painting a long long time
Photo below right, Earl & (wife) Susan Leith at the Hotel Baudy, Giverny, France 2007

   earl years ago in studio    earl & susan 2007 Giverny at Hotel Baudy

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