A Pure Heart for Art:  An American Van Gogh, Artist Earl Boley

By Jian Wang

Jian Tribute to Earl at Ca State Fair 2015 
Photo: Earl painting Hotel Baudy, Giverny France 2003


I can’t remember how many times Earl, heavy set and slowly moving as his bad knee caused great pain, always with a broad smile and full of a typical New York sense of humour greeted me at the door of my car every time I came to see him in his most productive years at his home studio in Carmichael, CA.  It still brings tears to my eyes when I visit his wife, Susan, each time I come to their home.

Earl loved painting just as Van Gogh did. The difference being that Earl had a wonderful wife and family to support him
I have gone through a lot of his works recently to make a selection for this fair and I have seen thousands that fill his studio and the rooms in the house. Deeply moved by the work of my friend, a Van Gogh again like Boley, again and again. Anyone who has the privilege to see his paintings will wonder how much one has to love painting to make so many pictures. He painted on anything he could lay his hands on cardboard, strips of wood, canvasses old or new. As long as he could paint.

This selection here encompasses more than 45 years of his life long passion, PAINTING. From snow painted in New York during the early 70´s to the Award Winning AMERICAN RIVER painted in his last days in Sacramento. You are able to see his simple love of making a painting whenever and wherever he lived. From snowy upstate New York to a cloudy Normandy coast, to the warmth of a still life set unpretentiously on the studio fireplace. Earl’s greatest joy was making paintings and yet, as a true artist he never stopped trying to make even better paintings.
These here, full of heavy paint and brush strokes carry his signature and are good examples of how a pure, good and simple man liked to share his joy of painting, just like his joy to share his kindness and friendship with any friend who ever came to his door.

In the end the difference between Earl Boley and Vincent Van Gogh is, Earl enjoyed life, every bit and bite of it.  He enjoyed painting and he enjoyed sharing his kindness with whoever came to his life. Because of that, Earl Boley has won many awards and he sold quite some paintings that have brought joy to many people all over this land and abroad.

Your Friend Jian